Photo: Courtesy of Jay Pulli

Wards of History

Most of us are
the children of "the times"
and pass quietly and comfortably
into the anonymity of historyís context.
But some us become
the wards of history
and are given special attention
as feature, sidebar, or footnote
in the stories that are
the reliquary of manís existence.
Whether we are read as good or evil
depends on what we have done
and who is turning the pages.

after the surrender

Born Ikuko Toguri in 1916 in Los Angeles,
she became infamous between 1943 and 1945
as the only American born English speaking
Japanese woman to be called "Tokyo Rose."
Arrested after the war she was tried and
convicted of treason.

Joseph Pulli
1922 - 2004
Served in the US Army Signal Corp in the Pacific Theater.
A witness to history, a recorder of history,
Joe Pulli captured many stories by
laying light to film and freezing the moment.

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