© William Green 1999


We learn by parable
much more than we think
or are willing to believe.
We may read
an equation or formula
but, in many cases,
it does not come alive to us
until it has been put into context
by a "story" of use or misuse.

A parable implies a moral.
Ultimately, most things we learn
will require us to make a decision
as to whether we use it
for good or evil.

The Raphael Loggias..
The Hermitage..
St. Petersburg, Russia..

The Raphael Loggias

In the 1770's Catherine the Great
commissioned copies of a series of
famous frescoes painted by
Raphael and his students.
Raphael’s frescoes are in
the loggias of the Vatican
and have been called "Raphael's Bible"
as it depicts the stories of the Bible.
Christoph Unterberger led a team of
artists in the eleven year creation
of the gallery that formed a new
extension for the Winter Palace.
Today the Winter Palace,
The Hermitage, is one of the
great museums of the world.

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