Photo: Courtesy of Jay Pulli

A Moment Recorded

Words can develop a picture
in the mind.
Photos can tell a story
without words.
Both can immortalize
a moment of history.
Both require the author
to appreciate the subject
and the context.

Sunday Morning
4 minutes past 9
September 2, 1945
on the deck
of the USS Missouri
anchored in Tokyo Bay.

Japanese Foreign Minister, Mamoru Shigemitsu
signs the surrender of Japan.
To his right is Gen. Yoshijiro Umezu
who will be the other Japanese signatory to the document.
On this side of the table and with his back to the camera
is the recently liberated Gen. Jonathan Wainwright.
And to his right, and also with his back to the camera,
accepting the surrender on behalf of the Allied Powers
is Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

Joseph Pulli
died a few weeks ago (February 2004).
He had an interest and a love for photography
that now lives on in his son, my friend, Jay.

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