Photo: © Maureen Fitzgerald 2003


will eventually
transcend medium.


South Africa


One of many
converted containers

Graffiti in South Africa
is not the graffiti
that contaminates
the accessible walls of the US;
it is instead a public forum,
disturbing in its intensity
yet so meaningful.
In the US when one sees graffiti
it is often an indication that someone
has said: "I am; I was here."
In South Africa,
the graffiti remains a sign of the times
but tends to be a fervent question
or a visionary statement
and the message is
"Where are we (together) going?"

- Maureen Fitzgerald

Soweto stands for
uth Western Township.
Soweto stands for
South Western Township.

It is
15 km. southwest
of Johannesbrug.


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